Monday, July 18, 2005

Back on the Wagon

So, I have blown some serious money this week. I ordered a pair of living room chairs, a pair of bar stools, bought a new milk shake maker (very retro, very cool), some silk cushions, a fabulous orange spider wall clock and a tall reading lamp. I also bought a full length mirror that I have been wanting for a long time. All this got me thinking. I tend to feel guilty about my purchases, no matter what I buy, but truth be told most of these were necessary. Ok so I didn't exactly "need" the spider clock or the tall mirror but the rest were either replacements or new stuff I needed for the home. I think the reason I feel guilty is because I don't have a budget so I don't know if I am spending too much or not.

My goal this week is to tally up my current net worth and set up a budget for the rest of the year.


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