Thursday, July 14, 2005

Master of Disaster

Does spending trigger more spending? I just gave in and bought the new John Hiatt cd, Master of Disaster. This day has turned out to be a bit of a disaster for me, spending-wise so it seems highly appropriate. In addition to the two Milano chairs I also ordered a couple of gorgeous bar stools for my new apartment. That was another $225.


At 7/17/2005 3:02 PM, Blogger Monty Loree said...

There is nothing wrong with spending money. Budgeting money for things like CD's and furniture is a great idea. If you can budget for $100 per month in music CD's, then you will feel no pressure or guilt when you go out and make your purchase. If you spend more than your $100 budget, then you're probably taking money from another area in your budget.

I allow myself a certain dollar amount each weekend for recreation. This way I am making a conscious decision to diligently spend that money. I don't feel bad at all for "blowing" $100 on entertainment. I am allowing myself to spend the money.

Financial Maturity blog

At 7/17/2005 3:03 PM, Blogger Monty Loree said...

Financial Maturity blog

I messed up my url in previous comment. ooops.

At 7/18/2005 10:04 PM, Blogger mmb said...

Good advice. I think my problem is that I don't have a budget so I can't track if I am over or under-spending. I am going to take some time this week to set up a budget.


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