Sunday, July 24, 2005

What I spent this week

I am trying to be more vigilant about how much I spend on discretionary items. So here's what I spent my hard earned $$ on this week:

ice cream - $3.79
cute jelly roll makeup bags (small) - $9 (1 turquoise, 1 hot pink)
the new Harry Potter book - $16.19
4 Pillars of Investing by William Bernstein - $26.95
The Millionaire Next Door - $15
Mutual Fund for Dummies - $17.99
Coldplay CD X&Y - $14.39
Lynyrd Skynrd All Time Greatest Hits - $9.99
notebook - $1.65
Milky Way Midnight bar- $0.69
Money magazine - $3.99
cute little piggy bank from container store - $5
scented candle at Target - $8
card at Target - $3.50 (for coworker going on maternity leave)
file-folders at Target - $2.50
the cutest water bottle at Target - $9.99
MAC shadestick in sharkskin - $15
MAC lipgloss in pink grapefruit - $14
dinner with friends last night - $17 + $9 drinks (I didn't drink though but we always split the bill 5 ways. I figure I still saved a couple bucks by not drinking myself)

Total before tax = $203.62
Total after tax & tips = $225.25 (tax calculated on $177.62)

Damn, these things add up!


At 7/25/2005 9:06 PM, Blogger Zeroth said...

Just wanted to say thanks for blogging -- I'll be following your progress and tring to formulate my own plans for world dominati-- er, personal finance.

At 7/26/2005 7:50 PM, Blogger JLP said...

Isn't it amazing how fast the "little" things add up? I noticed that you bought quite a few books. You ought to think about buying them online through Books A Million or Amazon. I personally like BAMM because they have great prices and their Millionaire Membership is only $10 per year compared to Barnes & Noble's, which is $25. And, at BAMM, if you spend $25 there is no shipping. Just an idea.



At 7/26/2005 9:17 PM, Blogger Monty Loree said...

Thanks for the link MMB.

Any analysis or feelings on your spending? Are you getting closer to your goals?

Financial Maturity Blog

At 7/27/2005 10:51 AM, Blogger mmb said...

Zaven, that's so cool. Welcome and good luck! We'll all be millionaires someday and not only that we will have our own "pf bloggers turned millionaires" network!

jlp, thanks! I buy a lot of books so BAMM sounds perfect. I used the link in your comment to check it out. Turns out not only are the prices low, shipping free over $25 and the membership cheaper than B&N but because they don't have a store in my state I don't have to pay sales tax. Cool!

Monty, you're welcome and yes. I have been running the expenses in my head ever since Sunday. I guess what I felt when I added it all up was surprise. I had thought I was doing pretty well and suddenly it was over $200. I am definitely getting closer to my goals though. I already have 30k going directly to retirement/savings this year before any expenses. It feels good.

At 7/27/2005 10:56 AM, Blogger JLP said...

It's a shame more people don't know about BAMM. I have had a link to their site from AllThingsFinancial but not one person has bought anything from them using my link. I then switched to Amazon and have sold several items. I guess a lot of people are more comfortable with what's familiar to them.



At 7/28/2005 7:35 AM, Blogger Madame X said...

RE. book spending, it's also a good idea to see if a used copy is available. I don't know if BAM offers this but Amazon sure does, and the prices are usually great, and I find the service from these affiliate sellers is good too.
Or if there is a used bookstore near you, you can trade in old books for credit towards other ones, usually.

At 7/28/2005 10:42 AM, Blogger mmb said...

jlp, that's sad that people passed up a better deal to buy from a brand (because that's what Amazon is now) but that's how 80% of the people I know operate. I used to be one of them.

madame x, you are right. I bought all my books secondhand when I was in school and got fantastic deals. There's actually a halfprice bookstore right next to the B&N but but I think my feet are programmed to march straight into the B&N. I need to do better.

At 7/28/2005 11:56 AM, Blogger JLP said...

One thing I noticed with Amazon is that if you order a product through one of their merchants, the free shipping doesn't apply. I understand why, but it can add a significant amount to your purchase.



At 7/28/2005 1:32 PM, Anonymous sixpack said...

This is sorta late, but I just borrow books from the library. I never go back to books after I read em. I find it a cheap way to go. Plus no clutter!


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