Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Another reason to donate - Free Music

If you are in the Seattle area and donate to the American Red Cross then KMTT The Mountain, Seattle's adult rock station, will play your song on Friday. I know this isn't as good as actually getting something you can take home but it's not that bad a deal. They have some pretty obscure songs that I haven't been able to get anywhere else but have been able to request through them.

Here's how to request your song:

When you donate to American Red Cross the confirmation email they send you has a tracking code at the bottom. You can email your request to The Mountain through this contact page and include your song request and the tracking code as well as who the song is going out to (if you want). They will play all such requests all Friday morning through late afternoon. If you are unable to donate due to financial constraints don't feel bad, just pass the word.

Btw: If you are not in the Seattle area you can still donate and then send in your request. You just won't be able to hear the song I guess. But hey, you can dedicate the song to me! :)


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