Tuesday, August 30, 2005

How to make $340.65 - Part 2

Continuing the saga of my bid to recover money spent on frivolous and needlessly worldly pursuits for which I am suitably contrite (or not quite but I still want my money back):

My goal was to raise $340.65 and so far I have raised $269 (projected). Here's a breakdown:

  • Sharebuilder - $50
  • Gas card from Great Fun online - $19
  • Sony card - $100
  • eBay - $100 (estimated)
    • I opted not to sign up for the Citi gas rebate card in lieu of the Sony because the latter was the better deal in the short term and I am trying to avoid too many strikes on my credit report right now for reasons outlined before aka new home purchase. Instead I spent some time this weekend cleaning out my closet (does that make anyone else think of the Eminem song? No? It's just me then) and listing a few things on eBay. Three to be exact. One of them is already at $40. The other two do not have any bids yet but I am cautiously optimistic as they both have 70-75 views each. The value of the three items is $300 so I think $100 is a reasonably low expectation. (Ah, the joy of setting the bar low!)

      For the remaining $71.65 here's my plan:

      Sign up for magazine subscriptions: I should be doing this anyway but I was lacking the proper motivation. My excuse has always been that I may not choose to buy the same magazines every month and it doesn't cost that much but truth is every single month I do buy the same magazines and they do cost that much. I have no excuse anymore. I know I can save enough to feed a small country by getting subscriptions instead of buying at the drugstore. Next step: shopping for magazine deals.

      I know I don't need to try to earn back the $340.65 to the penny because I have at least a 5k extra coming in next month but it's not about the money. It's about discipline and follow-thru. (
      I am sure Thoreau will be pleased despite the fact that I have neither toiled on a farm nor slaughtered any ravaging woodchucks yet.)

      On the other hand I am no closer to deciding which job offer to accept. Last week I had only 1 and life was so simple. Now I keep going back & forth like a tennis ball in a close match. More money, better prospects or greater creative freedom? True to form, I want it all, and the decision isn't getting any easier with the progress of the day. Maybe I should toss a coin... just have to make sure it isn't a 1933 two-headed one or the government may confiscate it.


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