Wednesday, August 31, 2005

More reason to donate and a teal leather jacket

INXS opened Rock Star today by extending their prayers and support to the people in the flood afflicted areas down South and mentioned that they'd donated to Red Cross. So if you needed another reason to donate now you are in the company of aging rockstars. Of course, if you think of rock & roll as spoilt self-indulgent punk music of multi-millionaire druggies and sex addicts then this isn't a very good reason for you. Even if you don't it's still probably not the reason to give. But I thought it would make an anecdotal opening.

The actual damages due to Katrina remain to be calculated but I read that it's worse than Hurricane Ivan (2004) and the damages for Ivan were in the 13 billion $ mark. That's a good reason to donate.

On a lighter note I absolutely loved the teal leather jacket that Suzie was wearing today. Wonder where I can find it.

What can I say? I can be a philanthropist and a fashionista at the same time.


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