Monday, September 05, 2005

Budget vs Actuals (revised)

Whew! That's taken care of. The $91.52 gifts was actually miscategorized under Books, CDs... That was easy to fix.

The missing concert tickets were a little harder to find. I made some changes to the way my budget was set up originally and added some custom categories last month which is where the problem arose. Turns out Money doesn't always recognize custom categories properly. Or maybe I am doing something wrong, I don't know, but here's what was happening: I had two phone bills being doublecounted under both utilities and phones and the new "Going Out" custom category under entertainment was not being included in the report. I should have realized something was wrong with the utilities number. The only two utilities in that category are electricity and water and there's no way I could have spent $392.7 in just two months. Not in the summer anyway (no heat bill).

Of course, once I figured out that was happening I had a new problem. The two phone bills came to $174.9 but the concert ticket was only $157. If I simply took out the extra $174.9 from utilities and added the "Going Out" category in the report my new Actuals YTD total would have been: 8935.28 - 174.9 + 157 = 8917.38. I knew that couldn't be right because the first total, $8935.28, was correct so that left $8935.28 - $8917.38 = $17.9 unaccounted for.

A quick review of the last two month's expenses, fortunately, offered an explanation for this. I had marked the $17.90 for the 3 credit scores as "Credit Scores" and it wasn't being included in the report. Once I moved that to the "Misc" category and reran the report the problem was quickly fixed.

So I still haven't balanced a checkbook yet but hey, at least I can balance totals now.


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