Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Fait accompli

I seem to have come down with a severe case of writer's block in the last week. (Either that or I ran out of things to say. It was bound to happen sooner or later) Thankfully, my writer's block did not extend to other areas of my life and as far as financial decisions go this was a particularly good week:
  1. Reviewed, signed and delivered - final condo papers. There's no turning back now. I feel a sense of overwhelming relief despite the fact that financially this is the biggest and riskiest move I have made in my life. I don't have to stress about how much money I am sinking in rent every year or whether buying is a good idea right now. That ship has sailed. It's done. Also, now I have two new contacts in my personal network -- a great mortgage broker and a lawyer -- and that's always a good thing.

  2. Booked - tickets to India. In order to save money I ended up exchanging all my hotel and Amex points for airline miles and combining them with existing frequent flyer miles to buy round-trip tickets to India. There was no way I was going to pay $3360 for tickets out of pocket so this way all I had to do was pay the taxes which came to ~ $76. Plus, I got economy tickets and used my available free upgrades to move to business class for as many legs as I could so I used only about half the miles I would have for full business class tickets. All my miles are gone now though and I feel a little sad (not sure why, maybe it's psychological) but hey, I saved over $3000.

  3. Signed up for carpool. I wish I could say I did a lot of research and planning around this but truth is I just looked up the RideshareOnline website, read MS policy around carpooling, found that I only have to pay $60 per month as opposed to $200+ and voila! I was in.

  4. Identified the "latte factors" that are my personal bane of existence by going through old receipts. One, of course, is lunch at work or dinners out. Another is my frappuccino/ice cream/sweet drinks & sweet treats habit. A surprising third is my apparent love for little wirebound notebooks. Turns out I spend over $150 a year buying notebooks. What on earth have I been writing in them? More importantly, where are they? I can't find any. Another one of my secret passions seems to be drugstore makeup. I have spent more on Prestige eyeliners this past year than on Chanel ones. What makes this highly ironic is that I only turned to Prestige because the Chanel ones were too expensive.

Ok, so I have to face it. I do a great job of managing big ticket items but when it comes to little things it's quite another matter. And as anyone who's ever tracked their spending knows, those little things can add up fast. One of my goals this week is to figure out how to kill off some old habits or at least trade them in for better ones. Oh and yes, sign up for magazine deals (why is it that I can commit to a 400k home but not to a $12 magazine subscription?)


At 10/18/2005 6:57 PM, Blogger Caitlin said...

ditto on notebooks...my flavor is something small and styleesh. Things have been a bit better since I now use a certain size of DCK design (I certainly didnt name this brand) for work and have justification for my addiction. But I have a drawerful of evidence that "I have a small problem"

At 10/19/2005 7:25 PM, Blogger Hazzard said...

Glad to see the block has passed. I enjoy reading your blog!!

(I'll keep throwing praise your way and then will try to take advantage of you by getting cheap software out of the MS store. Just kidding).

I really do enjoy reading your blog and I think we have similiar views on PF. (And similiar views of the skyline since we are both in Seattle. Congrats on the condo)

Everybody Loves Your Money

At 10/20/2005 12:45 PM, Anonymous Hazzard said...

I managed to screw up my ELYM.blogspot.com site as I was publishing my history to my new site at:
I'm trying to get the URL back from blogger but am not holding my breath.

Can you update your links to me? Sorry for the hassle


At 10/20/2005 1:25 PM, Blogger mmb said...

Hey cool, you got your own site! I will update the link. And of course, I love reading your blog as well.

Caitlin, you could be my notebook twin! I have some serious addiction going on to stylish little notebooks.


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