Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Holiday and Vacation spend

One thing I will say about my current job. I actually have time for a life. It's an interesting change from before. For the greater part of my career I have worked in small startups or rapidly growing companies where 120 hr work weeks were not unheard of. Now, I actually get to go home by 6 or 7 pm. I don't quite know how to deal with that. So while I am figuring out how to enjoy my free time more and stress about what's not getting done less I can turn my attention to the aftermath of the holidays. Technically, the holidays are not over yet but most of my shopping and trips are done so it's time to tally up the damages.

Close friends and family - $505.98
Various other things (for gift paks mostly) - $317.56
Home baked cookies & 1 or 2 small gifts for coworkers - $50
Bldg concierge - $50
Maintenance guys - $50
J's gift - $100 (budgeted)

Total - $1073.54


Tickets to India - $75.45
Water & snacks in various airports - $11.50
Black belt sudoku (to have something to do on the long flight) - $7.56
Small sketchbook (to have something else to do) - $3.95
Tacky mystery novel (to have yet something else to do) - $6.50
Taxi ride from the airport to accomodation in Bangalore, split three ways - $3.71
Accomodation in bangalore - $0 thanks to the bride's very generous family
My share of the joint wedding gift for the bride & groom - $50
Some glorious roadside "dhava" food - $5.95
Andaman package tour - $650
A couple of cab rides on the island - $11.50
Shopping (a couple of CDs, a very nice raw silk CD carrying case, paks of colorful bindis, a beautiful wooden replica of the dancing girl, a saree which I plan to turn into a dress, a fabulous ink "fountain" pen drawn all over with Indian kings and queens, some cushion covers for mom and batteries because I forgot to pack extras for my camera) - $83.93
thank you dinner to J for chauffering me back & forth from the airport - $37.44

Total - $947.49

At a glance

Holiday gift budget = $800
Vacation budget = $1700 - $154.6
Cost of gifts = $1073.54
Cost of vacation = $947.49


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