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Monthly Review & Net Worth Report - November & December 2005

Net Worth from 12/31/2005

October report: click here.


Since I was away on my vacation at the end of November and never got around to posting a review this is a consolidated report for the last 2 months.

The changes in savings and brokerage are mainly due to a CD maturing which I transferred to my brokerage account. Right now it's lying in the core account not earning a lot of interest because I want to keep the funds liquid for upcoming condo expenses. I will be looking into some short term investment options for this soon.

Of the $5400+ positive change in my 401k approx $3600 was due to increased year end contributions (I realized a little late in the year that my current deductions were only going to add up to $11k total and wanted to take advantage of the 14k allowable max). The rest was employer match and dividend gains or change in market value.

Overall my investments gained almost $2300 across all accounts in the last two months. 2005 personal rate of return for 401k was 10.5%, Roth was 10.05% since July or 20.05% annualized and brokerage was 5.5%.

Income v Expense:

While the news on the investments front was good, the news on savings front was not due to holiday shopping ($1389.9 by the end), vacation ($947.49 + $200 in Chicago--I spent a few days with family on my way to India. The tickets were booked over summer with miles so it's not included/ the $200 was for groceries and such) and car insurance prepayment ($1000 for 6 months) all hitting my credit card in the same month. Total expenses for Nov & Dec were roughly $10,100 out of which $6,300 was in Dec.

I did get almost $300 in cash for Christmas in addition to 2 $25 Bath & Body Works gift cards, 1 $25 Borders gift card, 1 $30 gift certificate, 2 $10 Starbucks gift cards (my favorite--I can get caramel frappuccinos now!) and 2 $25 Sephora gift cards. I had told everyone not to get me anything for Christmas this year (didn't make sense to add more things when I am trying to get rid of stuff) which kind of backfired. Guess they thought I was hard up for money or something. The only one who got me a gift was J. I can't tell if that's a good thing though. What's better, a boyfriend thoughtful enough to buy you the perfect gift or one who obeys you unconditionally?

December Score: C for going over budget on shopping.


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