Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Progress (or lack thereof)

The delights of unemployment are myriad not the least of which being the curious absence of the copious free time that you would expect to have during it. Where does the free time go? Seriously. I think I have been more busy without a job than I was with. The good news - I have actually had 2 successful consultations as a personal shopper of Seattle's would-be fashionables along with a few smaller, more humble ones although I am going with the rather conventional definition of success here ($$) rather than my own (job satisfaction) when I call it that. The not so good news - I have pretty much been living off my savings and what with the market downturn the picture's getting ugly. So, after much soul-searching and many sleepless nights I have decided to head back to the corporate world, but with different expectations, smaller paycheck and more free time to pursue my goal of owning my own personal shopping & image consulting business. Or in other words, I am joining back the rat race as a Flex Time worker. I start tomorrow. I will still be an employee but I will only work 27 hrs a week instead of 40 - Wed through Fri - and devote the rest of my week to building up my humble list of personal shopper clients. And, of course, blogging!